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Online Worship Services-2022

"The Golden Thread"

"When You Pass Through"

"The Beloved Community"

"God's Glory on Tour"

"My Home Town"

"Blessed Are You"

"Just Turning One's Cheek"

"Listen to Him"

"Mother Hen"

"The Issue with Judgement"


"Love and Wonder"

"A Parade Like None Other"

Maundy Thursday

"Why Are You Weeping?"

"Looking Back - Foot Washing"

"How Will My Story End?"

"The Shepherd"

"Where Is God?"

"No Seat At The Table"

"That They May Be One"

"The Wind Is Blowing"

"Is Thomas Your Patron Saint?"

"Time For Reflection"

"Pick Up The Mantle"

"Peace To This House"

"Which of These Three?"

"The Blessing"

"A Christmas Meditation"

"The Dilemma"

Online Worship Services-2021