Bethel United Church of Christ

Our vision is to be united in seeking God's will and serving ​​​​​​​all people.

What we value most about Bethel Church are its people and its sense of family, our worship and education experiences, and Bethel's history of generous outreach and mission. We believe our greatest assets are our people, our location and facility, and our commitment to mission. What we want in the future is a growing church where love, acceptance, and tolerance prevail; a church that continues and expands its emhasis on mission in our community and beyond.


We are united through Christ

God Is Love

God loves all people -- No exceptions

We have come to know God decisively in Jesus Christ. Jesus is our teacher, example, brother and Lord.

God sends the Holy Spirit to challenge and support us. The spirit calls us to acts of justice and mercy.

We take the Bible seriously but not literally.

We believe faith and science enliven and enrich each other.

The church is the way through which we participate in God's love for the world.


We seek:

To be people of integrity, following Jesus' example.

To care for the earth and all of creation.

To celebrate diversity while seeking unity.

To make a difference in the lives of an individual, families, our community and society. 


Come as you are

When you walk through our doors you may see people in suits and ties, but you will also see people in jeans and t-shirts. We want to make sure when you visit you are comfortable.

When you come into the parking lot, visitor parking is directly to your right. There is a circle drive that provides easy drop off for those that prefer not to walk in from the parking lot. This is a handicap accessible entrance and there is always someone willing to offer a helping hand getting in and out of vehicles.

Once in the lobby, which we refer to as the Narthex, there is a visitors center that has hearing aids that are connected to our sound system.

Ushers will provide a bulletin at the doors that lead into the sanctuary. Our services have many places where the congregation will respond aloud, reading from the bulletin. Feel free to follow along or read silently. Hymn numbers are also listed in the bulletin. There are attendence logs located in the pew backs, please let us know you were here! 

If you need any assistance, please let us know. 


Get to know the Bethel UCC staff

Stephanie Weiner

Interim Minister

She is a self-described "river rat" as she grew up in Henderson, KY. She loves PBS mysteries, movies, and walks in the park. She is committed to the church and its members, believing it to be filled with hopeful and courageous people that are forces for good.

Raygan Baker

Minister for Children, Youth and Young Adults

He is passionate about helping young people weave their faith into every part of their lives. In his free time, he enjoys wandering through bookstores, hiking, building furniture and spoiling his dog, Biscuit.

Cynthia Grassman

Director of Music

She has combined two great loves, music and people of all ages, to make a challenging and rewarding career. When not immersed in music you can find her in her backyard garden, enjoying the sound of the fountain or in Colorado with her son and family.

Amber Absher

Media Specialist

She feels called to help reach people that are searching for spiritual renewal. Music is her strongest pull towards faith. She enjoys singing and helping with the church youth and children. She spends a large amount of her time in the gym and researching physical health and fitness.



Ruth Saalweachter

Office Administrator

She has been the smiling face of the Bethel office since October 2009. She is married with four grown children and has one grandchild. She enjoys knitting, reading, gardening, and traveling.

Barbara Leho

Financial Secretary

She has enjoyed living in Indiana going on 4 years. She has worked for Bethel since February 2016. She is the mother of 4 and grandmother of 7. She is also a huge Alabama Fan. Roll Tide!



Brenda Arrick

Preschool Director

Working with children has been her lifelong passion. Brenda married Bill 55 years ago. They created a large loving family. Her favorite pastimes include movies, playing Bridge and college basketball, Go IU!

Jennifer Webster

Pre-K Teacher

She loves to sing, play games and teach. She has been married to her husband Chance for 23 wonderful years. They have 3 children who keep them busy. She is an avid football fan. Go Broncos!

Karen Lant

3-4 Year Old Teacher

Working with the children is both exciting and exhausting for her but seeing those smiling faces every day is a great feeling. She was married for 39 years before her husband passed away. She has 2 girls and 3 grandchildren.

Harold Golday

Custodian and Maintenance Person

Employment Opportunities: 

Bethel United Church of Christ is looking to fill 2 positions:

Seeking a Saturday and Sunday custodial person.

Seeking a part time temporary financial secretary for project related duties.

For either position, please mail your resume to the address below my February 23, 2018. 

Bethel United Church of Christ 

Attn: Rev. Dr. Stephanie Weiner

3029 N Green River Rd. 

Evansville, IN 47715